Wednesday, February 3, 2016


On just about every page of ACIM, in one way or another, Jesus reminds us that we are worthy. He tells us that our Value has nothing to do with anything we do or don't do in this world. And, that our Value was established by God in the moment of our Creation. The fact that our worth and value are mentioned so often in ACIM is because until we perceive our own value, until we love ourself, we will not be able to perceive it within our brothers. And, just as important, we will feel unworthy to hear Holy Spirit within our mind. Become your own best friend. In doing so you will become aware that you are NEVER alone for the Light that is YOU is the same Light you share with God and your brothers.  You ARE the Son of God.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The human condition is a futile struggle in trying to make something out of nothing. The tragedy is in the decision to believe that the nothing is actually something real. 
“By GIVING power to nothing he throws away the joyous opportunity to learn that nothing HAS no power.” Urtext
The only problem we ever have is believing we have a problem.  ; )

Monday, August 15, 2011

Behold, the Kingdom of God

To NOT be a victim of the ego, requires one to accept it's unreality and not use it as a means to justify behavior in our self or in others. The ego cannot be understood, changed, or tamed since the ego has no basis in reality.

A better use of "time" is in the devotion to getting to know one's soul which is one with its Creator.  This is revealed quite naturally in our complete willingness to see Truth instead of illusions.

The Truth does not hide, it is there to behold.  To "behold" is to look upon something in the absence of judgment...Behold, the Kingdom of God.  The veil is lifted in the total suspension of judgment.  The "real world" appears and everyone and everything in it show up  lovely and loving.  Behavior modification had nothing to do with it for truth has no need for modification being already whole and perfect.   Become an observer and "behold" the love of God, as it unfolds before you.  Live in the wonderment of it all.  One then has a realization of the words "God is in everything I see."  God is in my mind, therefore,  i am in God's.  There is nothing outside of this reality.

Blessings and Love